Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier - Challenges in the evaluation of machine translation

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Short abstract:

In this talk, I will present the research at LIG and more specifically the one of the GETALP Team at Grenoble. We deal with Speech and Natural language translation/processing, working on Machine Translation (MT) as well as Automatic Recognition of Speech, Lexical Resources, Evaluation, and more.
I will focus my presentation on Evaluation campaigns in which we participated. I will also present the evaluation method of an in-house probabilistic MT as well as my own research field.

Short Bio:

Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier is an Associate Professor at the “Service des Langues”, Joseph Fourier University– Grenoble I and does her research at the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (LIG) in the Study Group for Speech and Natural Language Translation/Processing. She teaches Scientific English. She received a PhD degree from Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-ferrand in 2000 in the field of Computational Linguistics. After a 3-year period as a post-editor/reviewer in a Translation Agency, she came back to University Research working on task-based and competence-based evaluation methods. 

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