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LIF-TALEP (Aix Marseille Université, France)
dia 07 de janeiro, das 13:30 às 17:30h,
prédio da FACIN-PUCRS
(Faculdade de Informática da PUCRS)


Os Grupos de pesquisa da UFRGS TEXTECC-UFRGS, GELCORP-SUL e o Grupo de Pesquisa da PUCRS PLN-PUCRS convidam para o Workshop sobre Simplificação Textual que marca a primeira atividade conjunta do convênio firmado entre o PPGCC-PUCRS e PPG-Letras-UFRGS.

Quando: 07/01/2015 às 13:30
Onde: Sala 516 da Faculdade de Informática da PUCRS (prédio 32 ao lado do Colégio Champagnat)
Inscrições no local, na hora, com direito a certificado pelo PPG-Letras-UFRGS.
Organizadoras: Lucelene Lopes (PUCRS )e Renata Vieira (PUCRS); Alena Ciulla (UFRGS) e Maria José B. Finatto (UFRGS).

Nesse workshop haverá uma palestra da Profa. Nuria Gala da Universidade Aix-Marseille conforme resumo abaixo. A palestra será ministrada em Espanhol, porém discussões podem ser feitas também em Francês e Inglês. No workshop serão também apresentadas as pesquisas em curso dos grupos de PLN-PUCRS e TEXTECC-UFRGS.

Vejam um artigo da Profa. NÚRIA em:

Resumo do Workshop:

Towards French text simplification : where are we now ?
Núria Gala

LIF-TALEP (Aix Marseille Université, France
Joint work with T. François, L. Browers & C. Fairon (CENTAL, Université Catholique de Louvain)/
D. Bernhard & A. Todirascu (LiLPa, Université de Strasbourg)

Text simplification is a promising but still underexploited idea to improve reading and understanding skills. For people with special needs (i.e. children with dyslexia and poor readers), in addition to focusing on improving their reading and comprehension levels through reading and language training, one could focus on reducing the complexity of the written material. This is the main objective we are pursuing for French, in collaboration with colleagues in France and Belgium.This presentation will thus address different issues related to this subject. We will first present an overview of two lexical resources with graded words (ReSyf and FLElex) and we will discuss the methodology for building them. Secondly, we will focus on collecting parallel corpora (original and simplified versions of texts) to be used in different experiments and evaluations with dyslexic children. Finally, we will present a system implementing a readability formulae for the analysis of administrative texts (AMesure) including different variables. We will conclude by saying a few words on the integration of such research within an application for dyslexic children and poor readers (work in progress), which may be adapted to other people such as illiterates.

Key words: lexical simplification, text simplification, readability, dyslexia.

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