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Phrasal verbs in English are expressions formed by a verb (ask) and a particle (out) which are combined to form a new meaning (ask out).

Phrasal verb: ask out

For the following sentence :

> She never asked me out on a date.

Question 1: Can you provide at least one alternative way of expressing the highlighted phrasal verb/words?

- invited

- proposed

- asked

As you can see, you should not rewrite the whole sentence, just the alternatives for the highlighted words, one per line, up to three.

Question 2: Is the sentence below mean approximately the same as the sentence above?

> She never asked me on a date.

X YES         NO

Here, for example, since you said that "ask" is an alternative way of saying "ask out", the sentence without "out" means the same as the original one. (???)

Question 3: Is the meaning of the phrasal verb ask out in the sentence:

(a) A combination of the meaning of the verb and the particle?

(b) Similar to the meaning of the verb alone?

(c) Unrelated to either the meaning of the verb or the particle?

(d) I don't know

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